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Quilting Services

Pricing for quilting services includes the quilting labor and thread. I will choose a thread color that blends well with the colors in your quilt if a thread color is not specified.

All-over or edge-to-edge designs

These designs are quilted from one edge of the quilt to the other without regards to the individual blocks or borders on the quilt top.

  • All-over computerized designs start at $.013/square inch, $35 minimum (click here to see available patterns).
  • All-over free-hand designs start at $.015/square inch, $30 minimum. I can also include free-hand lettering--for example, baby's name & birthdate on a baby quilt.

    Custom quilting (quilting follows the piecing)

    Not available at this time.

    Binding Service

    $.10/running inch. Add together the measurements of all 4 sides of the quilt, and multiply by .1 to find the cost for binding your quilt. For example, a 72" x 90" quilt would result in a $32.40 binding fee.

    Please do not cut individual strips to prepare your binding fabric--I prefer to start with yardage. If you are unsure of how much fabric you will need for the binding, let me know. The double-fold binding will be completely done by machine for a durable edge on your quilt.

    Batting (not included in quilting charge)

    You can purchase your batting from me or provide your own. If you provide your own batting, please make sure it is 3-4 inches bigger than your quilt top on all sides.

    Batting available for purchase:
  • Quilter's Dream Cotton, 93" wide
  • Quilter's Dream Poly, 93" wide
  • Hobbs Cotton blend (80% cotton, 20% polyester) 96" wide
  • Hobbs 100% polyester (approx 1/4" loft)